Google Real-Time Developer Notifications

Sending Google Play server notifications to RevenueCat

RevenueCat does not require server notifications from Google Play, however doing so can speed up webhook and integration delivery times and reduce lag time for Charts.

Setup Instructions

Google real-time developer notifications can be set up directly from the RevenueCat dashboard. This will set up a new subscriber to Google's subscription status notifications, which will not affect any existing subscribers you may already have in place.

  1. Ensure Google Cloud Pub/Sub is enabled for your project. You can enable it here.
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  1. Navigate to your Apps under project settings in the RevenueCat dashboard.
  2. Select the Play Store app you are adding Google Developer Notifications.
  3. Select view under Service Account credentials JSON and add your JSON object in the pop-up window.
  4. A list of possible PubSub topics to use for RTNs will be visible. You can either choose an existing one, or let RevenueCat create a new one.
  1. Click Connect to Google.
  1. You will see a generated Google Cloud Pub/Sub topic ID, as shown below.
  1. Click the Copy button to copy the topic ID to your clipboard.
  2. Open the Google Play Console for your app and navigate to Monetization setup.
  3. In the "Real-time developer notifications" section, paste in your topic ID and then click on Save

If you don't see any errors, your real-time developer notifications should be ready to go.

Send Test Notification

There is an option in Google Play to send a test notification. This is a great way to verify that Google Pub/Sub is correctly connected to your RevenueCat account.

Click the "Send test notification" button under the "Topic name" in the "Monetization setup" section


Once that test notification is sent, you can go back to your app config on the RevenueCat dashboard where you connected to Google to enable real-time notifications. If the configuration was successful, you should see a "Last received" label with a recent timestamp.




Service Credentials take ~36hrs to go into effect

If you receive a credentials error, make sure you've waited at least 36hrs after creating your Google Service Credentials before connecting to Google Real-Time Developer Notifications.


400 error when connecting to Google

If you're getting a 400 error when connecting to Google for Platform Server Notifications from the RevenueCat dashboard, ensure you've enabled Pub/Sub for your project as described above.


If you need to use an existing Pub/Sub topic with RevenueCat, contact support.